Winter in Virginia should only last for a maximum of 31 days, the month of December, or even better Winter solstice (around December 21) to January 1. Mother Nature, please give us a white Christmas and then go away.

Is that too much to ask?

This year, we have had blue-ass cold, icy rain, slick roads and frozen ground that is now sloppy mud. I just want to hibernate and not leave my warm nest of a bed until sunny Spring.  My dogs look at me like I am crazy when I tell them to go outside to potty.  My chickens can’t wait until I run the clothes dryer as they huddle around the warm exhaust even though there are three heat lamps in the chicken condo.  My cows are tired of hay and want fresh grass.  Victor has to leave the house in the wee hours to clear the roads and I am stuck at home with two moody teenagers.  This sucks!!

Okay, enough whining.  These cold days keep me in the house and I have been productive in my flip flops.   I totally rebuilt my website, a task I did not even know I could do.  I revamped my blog, now Ask Kristie, (thank you for reading).  I have worked on my real estate and auction advertising, and ordered numerous books from Amazon, that I plan to read as soon as I can sit still. My mind has been spinning its’ gears and keeping the winter blues at bay.  I want to help you survive this nasty season as well.

Here are my 5 winter warrior tips:

  1. Know how to jump-start a battery and keep cables in your car/truck .  I was Christmas shopping in Northern Virginia and this young lady was stranded at Sam’s Club.  Her car battery was dead. She asked several young metro men, they had no idea how to use the jumper cables.  I watched from the car and then offered assistance, not everyone is lucky enough to have a bearded wonder to take care of your vehicular maintenance. jump start
  2. Get groceries when the forecast is clear, no last minute runs for toilet paper, bread and milk.  As you      make your grocery list, think about cold weather food that you can keep on hand if you are stuck at home.  If I lived alone, I could live on cereal, coffee, and fudge pops, but I have my meat and taters man and appetizers only children.  Meals are rough and cooking is tough.   One of my herd will agree on is Zuppa Toscana. (Click for recipe)   I double or triple this recipe and do have hot Italian and half mild Italian sausage.
  3. My pack of dogs are my babies, I love them.  They rescued me as much as I rescued them, but with all of us cooped up in the house, days can get tense and hairy…literally.  I have created a safe place for them, safe as in they can romp and play indoors and I don’t fuss. In the basement, we made a puppy playpen by combining two 6′ x 6′ outdoor pens. They have beds, some minus stuffing, toys, some headless, food and water  It is perfect for yucky days when they want to wrestle with each other or on days I am trying to clean the house without paw prints every 5 minutes
  4. Nasty weather means school snow days.  The puppy playpen doesn’t work for my teenagers, they can open the gate…lol  Throughout the year I gather and order movies I loved from my youth, they are pretty cheap. 🙁 On cold, nasty days, we watch them.  This year so far we have watched Coal Miner’s Daughter, Hope Floats, and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  I also have a card table set up with a jigsaw puzzle, we work on it and sometimes I work on it alone to drown out their fighting. Having the kids at home is not all bad on yucky days.  When Victor goes to work, they still climb into bed with Mama.  I love having my teen babies with me.
  5. When you are truly at your cabin fever, stressed out wits end, have your alcoholic beverage of choice on hand.  Rather it be a beer on ice, glass..err bottle of wine or a cocktail maybe 3, don’t forget to add that to your shopping list and hit the liquor store.  No judging here. I love Costco’s Sangria and my go to, juice and goose (Cranberry Juice and Grey Goose Vodka ).   If you have the time and patience, try a Water Moccasin, it tastes like summer and can sneak up and bite you. Cheers!!

Thank you all for sharing this Winter Wednesday with me!

Stay sane, Spring is on the way!!