Brokerage of  Collections

Most of you have heard the saying “Selling Ice to an Eskimo”, if your local market’s temperature is -30, it is probably not a good idea to open the ice cream truck you just inherited from your uncle in California.   If you live in the Sunshine State, why do you need that snowmobile?  These are problems we can help you solve.  Turn collections and inheritances into cash.

The goal of our consignment brokerage service is to find the correct market to achieve the highest possible price for your asset.  Through our National and International network of colleagues, we can market and sell your asset(s) where they are needed and desired.

Our Services:

  • Consignment-Items (single item or collections) can be consigned to us to find the correct market for auction or direct sale.
  • How does it work? Once we are contacted, we will meet with you to inspect the item or collection you would like to sell. If your item(s) need brokerage, we will enter into a contract with transparent terms and conditions.   The item(s) will be photographed and research will begin.  Once we have found the correct marketplace or buyer for your item, we will handle all aspects of the sale and dispersal of item(s).
  • Contact us today!  It all starts with you, we are here to help solve your asset problems.