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Welcome to Bearfoot Acres,

Home of the Funny Farm

Our founder, Kristie, started Bearfoot Enterprises LLC to fulfill her dream of becoming an auctioneer.  Kristie was born and raised in Luray, Virginia. She never moved far away and resides just outside of Luray on a farm with her two teenage children; a son, Hunter, a daughter, Laney, and the love of her life, Victor.  The family has a funny farm of critters; 7 dogs (they are foster failures), 2 friendly cats, numerous school bus cats, a flock of chickens with two roosters, (Rooster Apollo thinks he is a dog), a herd of cows, all with names, and a handsome bull named Shamrock. Kristie’s Blog of homegrown adventures will leave you rolling in laughter .


Follow Kristie on her Blog, but also ask her questions, show her pictures, be interactive.


How do you make gravy?

How long do you boil an egg?

Do you have to put salt into the water to make it boil?

Is he the man for me?

Is garlic good for my chickens?

Kristie will tell you her opinion, but be prepared for honesty with a twist of southern charm.


A little history:  Life has a way of throwing curve balls, with Kristie and her family seeing their fair share.  In 2015, they experienced a massive house fire and lost everything including two pet dogs, Floyd and Angel.  The house fire was tragic, but the family was able to see through all the lost material possessions and find what remained was more important than any item.  They have used the farm and the crazy critters to help them keep their sanity and relied heavily on their faith to turn the new house into a home.


Personal disclaimer:  I am crazy as a bed bug and straight forward. These are my opinions from personal experiences and beliefs provided for your enjoyment, some laughter, and a break from stress.  Take my thoughts with a grain of salt…  Remember, I talk to my chickens!      See y’all in a bit!!


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