week 2017 was very eventful; when your best friend calls and tells you she and her family want to buy a farm,  you make it happen. After many eventful and crazy turns, my bestie closed on 132 acres of prime farmland.  She, her husband, and three sons are building their cattle empire to pass a legacy of love and extremely hard work on to the next generation.

I meet Holly in 2004 when I started working at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in the radiology department.  She was quiet and I think she looked at me like “who is this crazy person”.  I, being myself, was chatty Kristie and dropped the “F”bomb on occasion with other colorful words.  Holly liked to read her tabloid magazines quietly in down time, but I just kept jabbering along and I am glad I did. I think Holly finally gave in to be my friend so I would shut up.

Over the years, Holly has become my best friend, when life has thrown me curve balls, she and her whole family have been there offering support.  When I have had my crazy ideas, like becoming an auctioneer, she attended and has helped with my auctions.  Holly has faith in the Lord that could move mountains and by her being my moral compass, she has brought me closer to God and increased my faith.  Through the tough times, her support has helped me keep my sanity and stand up and fight when I needed to.  I could not ask for a better person to be in my life.

Farming is hard work to put it mildly.   The hours are grueling and you never get paid time off, but when you see your children holding that new calf or adventuring through the fields with the biggest smiles on their face, it makes it all worth it.  Farm kids learn young about being good stewards of the land, responsibility, reproduction, and loss, it is an education no school can provide.  Families like Holly’s don’t farm to get money rich, they farm to enrich their lives and feed their nation. No farms=No Food.

As Holly puts it “God is so Good.”  I pray Holly and her family are bestowed the greatest blessings at Plainview Farm for generations to come and I am so lucky I got to be part of their dream.

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