Today marks three years since a fire burned away my prior life. In a matter of 20 minutes, my home, two vehicles, my family’s possessions, and two precious dogs were lost.  It was a day I will never forget,  That day still brings on anxiety just at the thought, the smell of smoke, a picture on the news or my Facebook feed.  My son, Hunter just turned 18, I had no baby albums to lovingly look through and cry about my baby growing up too fast. I don’t miss all the “stuff”, it is the little things like pictures and keepsakes that I miss.

However, I cannot live my life having a pity party.  I had dark days, but the sun still rises everyday and my rooster crows.  I have learned so much about myself, my family, and people in general since the fire.  My crazy little family is strong, we are resilient and have stuck together, no matter how much we have fussed and feuded.

Personally, the tragedy lit a fire in my soul, I have set boundaries, I say “No”, and I have taken a hard look at what brings me happiness. Writing is both therapeutic and brings me great joy, it allows me to express myself and share my thoughts,  I say or write what I think, which I have always said what I think, but I think my filter disappeared with everything else that day.  Victor, the kids, and my critters are the most important pieces of my life.  Everything else just sits on the fringe.

The fire brought out the truth in so many people.  My true friends and families remain in my life and are still there to hold us up through tough times.  The fakers, and they know who they are, have been cut loose. Don’t wait for tragedy to clean your friend and family list (not on Facebook, but in reality), take a hard look at who truly cares for you.

Victor and I have went through more crap in our years together then some couples go through in a lifetime. It is one of the reasons I married him, we have seen each other down and out and held on to each other when that was all we had.  Hunter and Laney are good, loving people.  Along with the fire and their dad’s cancer diagnosis, these kids have kicked ass. They are my warriors.  When you put the four of us together, we are a family to reckon with.  We all sing and dance through the house, yell at times but know when the chips are down, we have each other.  I am the unfiltered Mama Bear, Big Daddy Vic has my back, and the kids, my cubs, can hold their own.  We are truly blessed!!

See y’all soon!!


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