When Victor and I met, we could not have been more different.  I was 35 years old married with two kids, a hefty mortgage, stressful job, and not at all happy or fulfilled. Victor was a 23 year old bachelor who partied every night with his cousins and friends. He lived in an old trailer with his best friend, Page (who has since became my brother in law, but that is a whole other story),  the trailer had a revolving door of female visitors, who always had to leave before the sun came up.  These guys were self-proclaimed man whores and enjoyed the free simple life.

My cousin Jon was going through a rough time and he and Victor were hanging out. One night Jon came to the Front Royal Moose to meet up with the family and brought Victor along.

Victor remembers our first meeting as “Kristie stood up and waved to Jon.  I looked at Jon and said who the hell is that?  Jon said my cousin Kristie and she is married.”

I remember our first meeting as Jon telling me for years I needed to meet Victor as just a friend, we were so much alike.  Then he and Victor arrived at the Moose I walked up to meet them.  Here was Victor holding a pitcher of beer, staring at me with his stunning blue eyes, but weirding me out a little with this intense stare.  He was shorter than me and I had never paid attention to anyone with a beard.  I had already given my then husband an ultimatum in January, step up or I was stepping out with the kids at the end of the school year.

In the weeks/ months that followed Victor and I danced together, he sang to me, life happened and I have never looked back.  I embraced and loved my Cougar crown. (Ladies, I highly recommend it, the sex is mind-blowing) I fell head over heels for this old soul.  He put the smile on my face and happiness into my heart.  He stepped up to the plate with my kids and and turned the four of us into a solid family. Victor was our missing piece.  Family dinners started, there was singing, laughing, and conversation.

Our love story has not always been easy.  During our years together, we have suffered job losses, illnesses, a horrific house fire and the crappy aftermath, Victor lost his mother and there was the post butchering rant, but this is what I know about us;  Victor is my best friend, my person, the love of my life.  He respects me as an intelligent, strong women, he does not try to change me or break me down, he builds me up to be a better person.   When I am not so strong, he is there to hold me up and snap me back into reality. Life is so much sweeter for having him as my partner. He is a teacher, he is patient, he does not yell at me or make me feel stupid if I do not know something or have all the answers.  His love allows me to chase my crazy dreams.

Our years together have been an adventure. I can sure come up with some wild ideas.  I wanted to be an auctioneer, he drove through the night in a beat up old Ford F-150 with my daughter to surprise me at graduation.  We opened the business together and he went to auctioneer school 2 years later, the kids and I were at graduation.  I wanted to be a farmer, I bought some bottle baby calves, he built a fenced pasture and we have grown our herd.  I wanted chickens, he built a coop thinking ahead with 14 laying boxes.  I love my animals, he sleeps in the bed every night with me and at least 3 of the dogs.

My bearded, sweet sexy man has waited since 2013 for the “I dos”.  I had cold feet, I did not like my first marriage at all.  I have thought about it and we had gotten two previous marriage licenses and let them expire. Why now?  I had a moment.  This wonderful person has put up with my fits and knows just the right words to calm me,  he sees me as beautiful even when I know I look like a hot mess (hair in a bun, gray roots showing, Muck boots ankle deep in poo), and he has my back, no matter what.  I can only hope he feels and knows how much I love him.

Victor and I live our life on our terms, when it came time to tie the knot, we did just that.  We decided on Tuesday that we would get married the next day.  He worked, but got his hair and beard trimmed when he got off, he knows how I like it.  I ran errands and finally got home.  He wore a t-shirt, paint splattered shorts, his hat and Crocs.  I work a black shirt, jeans, no make-up, hair in a clip and my Leopard print flip flops. We met our friend, Tancy Seal at her house. We asked the kids to go with us for a surprise, but they wanted to stay home… teenagers…  Tancy married us on her deck under the stars., just Tancy, Victor and I.  Was I nervous? Maybe for a second, but as Tancy started the ceremony, Victor grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes as he said each word.  I know that gaze and it is full of love and trips my trigger every time. Victor was so excited and as we drove home, he said I have a wife. With a little, I have never had a wife of my own…

I love this man, my best friend, my heart, my person, my husband!!



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