Do you have a “good” living room only for company?

Are your kids scared to set one tiny toe in that room?

This may help alleviate the stress of perfection. Used, upholstered furniture rather immaculate or in not so great shape is very hard if not impossible to recoup the money you spent on it.  Some states do not allow for resale of cloth furniture, mattresses or linens.  Virginia is not as strict as other states, but thrift stores have to treat the furniture with disinfectant and you will see it tagged as such. If it is not tagged, do not buy.  Furniture can be visually damaged by tears, scuffs or pets, but can also absorb smells from cigarette smoke, wood smoke, pets or cooking.  Bed bugs and roach infestations also sway people from used pieces. Does that make your skin crawl or your head itch? I cannot tell you the number of  homes I have walked into homes with a good living room only to see the upholstered mid-century modern couches still sitting proudly in the same spot it was delivered to in 1965, covered in plastic of course.  Mid-century modern is a huge craze right now.  There are some really great pieces to be found and people who live to save this stylish furniture from the chalk paint.  Mersman tables, atomic decor and artwork, minimalist Scandinavian furniture with clean lines and warm woods, all represent the mid century style revived by the hit show Mad Men. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have this furniture or see in your relative’s home, don’t toss it aside.  There is a market for these items.

On the other hand, if you or your relatives have large, dark, heavy brown furniture, the market for this furniture is very tough.  A few brands have stood the test of time; E A Clore, made in Madison, Virginia and Harris Henkel, made in Winchester, Virginia are still sought after.  Handmade family heirloom pieces are still beloved, but millennials want compact disposal furniture, think Ikea.  Not that anything is wrong with Ikea, but there are millions of large wooden China cabinets weeping polish at their fate right now.

In my home I have large wooden furniture, some small painted cabinets, and of course some pieces by Magnolia Home.  I surround myself with what I love and makes my house feel like a home.  My best advice; sit on those perfect, plastic-free couches and read to your children, eat and chat about your day at the kitchen or dining room table, live in and enjoy your home. Those little baby teeth marks on the coffee table tell a story, celebrate it.  You have worked hard for what you have.  Don’t view furniture as an investment or you might need to save the cardboard box it came in for later on…

One last thing, dog/cat hair or feathers are the perfect accessory.

They are family too, just ask Otis.

See you soon,


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