I love to do it perched under my beach umbrella on hot sunny days, in a bathtub full of bubbles or anytime I have a spare minute to pick up a book and read.  I am an avid reader of books, magazines and newspapers.  I get lost in the plots and obsessed with learning about all topics of interest to me.  I am nosy and like to know a little about a lot.   Great stories take you on trips around the world, allow you to relive centuries of the past and explore the ideas of the future.   A guilty pleasure to me, are audio books.  I am in the car, driving all by myself and can listen to a great story; multi-tasking at its’ best.  The only problem is after I read or listen to these great books, then what do I do with them?

Books take up room on shelves, they fill boxes and are very heavy.  Audio books rather tape or CD also take up valuable room in your home.  Books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers have been popular collectibles in the past.  They are packed away in storage, shuffled around in moves and stored in the far reaches of attics and basements.You connected with the story or a character, the pictures from National Geographic inspired your love of travel and you cannot bring yourself to throw away all those recipes in Southern Living, these objects now have sentimental value.

If you could get wealthy from sentimental value, then Bill Gates and Oprah would have a lot more competition for the world’s richest  person category.  Unfortunately, sentimental value is very personal and you can’t sell it, especially when it comes books and other like media.

If you have years of National Geographic, Readers Digest or the like boxed or stacked in storage.  It is time to say goodbye.  With books, if you have first editions or some rare item, then it could be valuable. You can contact used book stores to see if there is interest or maybe your local library would love a donation.  Playboy magazines, RIP Hugh, have some value, but the run of the mill magazines are not worth the space in your home or the energy to move that box one more time.

Another issue paper media is…bed bugs. (click for more info) A local new station just reported about the spread of bed bugs through books. Paper media also attracts roaches, the glue in the binding is a feast. If you can get past the pests, paper absorbs smells and moisture from the environment they are stored in.  Some people claim to love the smell of old books. There are even candles made with old books scent.  Thanks, but no thanks.

My best advice on paper media and audio media, try to donate or sell to your local used bookstore or online through Amazon, eBay or other online venue.  If your books have a smell or damage, your best bet is to throw them away.  Be careful buying used books, flip pages for signs of infestation, smell the book, and make sure there is no obvious damage, you would hate for a page to be missing.  If you have encyclopedia sets or large dictionaries, Pinterest can give you craft ideas.

With the invention of E-readers, Kindle, and online libraries of audio books such as Audible, you can keep all your favorites at your fingertips.  They are weightless and take up no space.  Indulge away my fellow literary lovers!!

 “The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page”

                   -Rachel Anders

See you soon,



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