Is your house busting at the seams?

Do you have too much stuff?

Are you a closet hoarder?

 Maybe you got suckered into purchasing the monthly collector plate from that mail order company or you ran around like a crazy person being added to every gift shop list in town for the newest Beanie Baby.  You are not alone.  Don’t be embarrassed, most people feel the same way.

These collectible companies target marketed to your weakness of stuff. The companies built hype and marketed as limited supply while mass producing the collections.  This mass production stole all value and now your limited edition collectible is not worth the Windex to clean it.

Please don’t cry, you liked this stuff when you ordered it.  Look at the bright side, you can always use those collector plates for target practice, but seriously, if you have a room in your house filled floor to ceiling with new, in the box, John Wayne collector plates, Cherished Teddy statues or Avon bottles, it is time to set yourself free. Keep your tissues ready, it may hurt a bit, but your life will be better for it.

I am here to help you through the process by taking the sentiment out of value. We are going to take one step a day and they will be baby steps.

Day 1

Stop the Hoard

 If you truly love your collection/collectible and it gives you joy, keep it. It is not worth the heartache to let it go.  But and this is a BIG BUT., if the item is surrounded by cardboard and you can only see a picture of it, you need to immediately open it, toss the box and the paper certificate of authenticity away or into recycling. Then place the item where you can enjoy and see it daily.  If you don’t have a place for display, then snap a picture of the item and sell it on your local Facebook yard sale, donate it or send it to your favorite auctioneer.  This goes for single items or whole collections.  If your collectibles are over-running your living space in curio cabinets or shelves and you go to bed at night only to dream of your Hummels and dust bunnies forming an alliance to kill you.  You have got to take action. Dust bunnies can be  vicious.

Take a long hard look at these collectibles, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do they bring you joy or do you dread dusting them?
  2. Do they belong to your grown child or other relative?
  3. Do they serve a useful purpose?

Now to rationalize your answers:

  • If you dread dusting, pack those little resin statues up to donate or sell.
  • If they belong to a relative out of the house, pack the trophies up and deliver them to the owner with a smile.  It is now their problem.
  • If their only purpose is to stand there with their porcelain skin, unblinking eyes, holding a parasol taking up valuable living space. It is time they saddled their accessory rocking horse and moved on.

Baby steps friends, one pile, shelf or room at a time.  In the next 24 hours be on the look out for the scary dust bunnies, pick your biggest concern or most crowded area and get started.  Surround yourself with the items, pets and people you love, who bring you joy and happiness.  Don’t let material possessions suffocate you.

Here is an article about worthless collectibles.

If you have question of value, reach out to me.  I can help as a personal property appraiser.

See you soon,




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