We can do Appraisal Reports for:

  • Estate
  • Insurance
  • Divorce
  • Fair Market Value
  • Market Value
  • Cost Basis FMV
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Damage Claim/Loss

We work with Trust Officers, Heirs & Personal Representatives, Attorneys, Tax Professionals, Insurance Companies, High Net Worth Clients, and Major Collection Representatives to provide value information.

Don’t Need a Report?

Call us About our “Walk-Through” Consultation Service.

With our walk-through service, we can help with the decision of keep, donate, recycle or discard.  With a state of the art appraisal program, appraisals and walk-throughs to be conducted at any location.

Need a Home Inventory?

We can do a detailed photographic or video inventory of your home. You never know when Mother Nature will strike or you could be a victim of burglary or fire. Be proactive and protect your assets!!