Auctioneer, Kristie Sours Brown

Auctioneer, Kristie Sours Brown



Bearfoot Enterprises LLC…a dream achieved.

From the time I was old enough to walk and probably before, I attended auctions with my grandparents.  The sound of the auctioneer, the social event, hearing attendees share memories about the property or receiving “When I was your age..” advise, it was mesmerizing to me.  It took many years, but my path finally aligned and I attended auctioneer school.  Once there, a new world opened up, bigger than I had ever imagined  I returned home to Virginia and opened Bearfoot Enterprises LLC, Auctions and Appraisals.

Auctioneering is one of the oldest professions. Not only has it stood the test of time, it has progressed and adapted to the world’s changing needs.  If you see the word auction, don’t automatically think fire sale, deal or cheap.  People that choose the auction method are wise and know with today’s technology we can reach the masses to market and sell their assets in a fast manner on the date they choose.

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